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History of cowpots CowPots are the creation of brothers Matt and Ben Freund, second-generation dairy farmers in the northwest hills of Connecticut. Matt started experimenting with the manure fibres on the kitchen table, drying the pots in his wife’s toaster oven. This didn’t do much for his marriage, but it allowed him the ability to share his vision with other people. Since 1997, they are one of only a few farms across the United States to have continuously run a methane digester. This process removes weeds, pathogens and odour.

Cowpots productionAfter many trials and tribulations, the brothers found an economical way to mass-produce pots of limitless sizes and shapes. CowPots has since evolved in production capacity and become a state-of-the-art facility that can create energy for the farm, fertilizer for the fields and CowPots.


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