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The Freunds could have easily called them Green Pots: CowPots are the result of a process that is as ecological as the end product itself. Manure compost is separated into liquids and solids. The solids are made into pots of different sizes. All liquids are returned to the fields as fertilizer. Cow manure is recycled! The manure in CowPots is a plant’s best friend. Once in the ground it breaks down completely, attracts microorganisms around the roots of the plant and reduces transplant shock.

100 % biodegradable

  • Environmentally sustainable product.
  • Decreases watering usage.
  • Allows time for a seed to grow into a transplant before pot deterioration.
  • Promotes natural air pruning and secondary root growth.
  • Produces a larger healthier root system.
  • Eliminates transplant shock to the seeding.
  • Easy and efficient handling without harm to root structure.
  • No time needed to dispose of pots (labour saving).

From the earth… back to the earth

production diagram

Production Cycle