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CowPots are a manure-based seed starting pot.


Made from composted cow manure the pots are as natural as can be!

Whether starting a seeding on a windowsill or in a greenhouse setting, CowPots will hold their shape until the seedlings have grown and are transplant ready for the garden or field. CowPots are planted directly into the ground with the plant. There is no need to remove, break or pierce the pot; it breaks down naturally into soil without restricting the plant’s growth.

Your plants best friend

  • Made from a naturally reoccurring resource.
  • The manufacturing process removes all weeds, pathogens and odours.
  • Composted cow manure retains water well.
  • Will retain shape and strength in a greenhouse setting (12 to 16 weeks).
  • Roots penetrate the walls and bottom of the pot.
  • CowPots are directly planted into the ground.
  • Easy and efficient handling without harm to root structure.
  • Once planted CowPots decompose within a matter of weeks.


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