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Frequently asked questions

 Do CowPots have an odor?

Absolutely not.

The special CowPots manufacturing process removes weeds and pathogens, and renders the pots free of all offensive odors.

 Should I use liquid fertilizer in my CowPots? YES!

CowPots do not take the place of liquid fertilizer. They do add some enrichment for your plant as they break down in the ground, but not to the same extent as normal fertilizing. Use your normal fertilizing protocol. CowPots main advantages are no transplanting shock and quick biodegradability.

 Do I need to rip, tear or crush the CowPots before planting in the ground?

Definitely No.

That’s the beauty of CowPots – unlike other plantable pots, CowPots biodegrade completely. Do not tear the pot or modify it in any way when you transplant. Any root disturbance upon transplanting increases the degree of transplant shock the plant will incur. It is important that the CowPots be completely filled with potting soil and that they be planted in the soil so that the top of the pot is completely covered.

 How deeply should I plant CowPots in the ground?

Bury the pot completely in the ground with no part of the pot visible once covered. The CowPots need to be filled to the top with potting soil initially.

 How can I make sure my CowPots don’t start breaking down before my seedlings are ready for in ground planting?

Don’t start your plants too early for the season or climate in which you are located. CowPots should hold up for up to 12 weeks. However if they do start to break down your plant roots will usually hold the pot sufficiently intact to enable easy planting in the ground. Over watering is the most common cause of premature breakdown. Failing to fill the pot completely to the top with soil also increases handling stress on the pots when they are moved and that encourages breakdown.

 Do CowPots work well with heat mats and grow lights?

YES! Any normal growth promoting practices work well with CowPots.

 My in-ground planted CowPots are not breaking down completely. What am I doing wrong?

You may not be filling the CowPots completely with planting soil or you may not be planting them as deep as they need to be at transplant. If the top of the CowPots extends above the soil on transplant, they are not planted as deep as they need to be. Depending on the soil type and amount of rain CowPots may decompose at differing rates. They are very porous and will allow the roots to readily go through the pot wall even if they do not rapidly decompose. Slow decomposition of a CowPots that has been properly transplanted maybe an indication of under watering after the transplant.

 What kind of soil should I put in my CowPots?

CowPots do not require any particular potting soil…. any good quality potting soil is suitable. Remember to fertilize as you normally would when starting your plants.

 Are CowPots suitable for all plant types? YES!

CowPots are designed to degrade upon transplanting and work best for seed starting. We use them in our greenhouse for plants that range from herbs to tomatoes to mums in our greenhouse. The larger size CowPots are more durable and maintain their strength longer than the smaller pots.

 How can I tell I’m properly watering my seedlings?

Indicators of proper watering are dry soil on top and the plant looking robust. Plants need air and allowing the soil to dry a bit gives your plants a chance to breath. Do not let the pots become completely dry to the point the plant starts to wilt.

 How can I tell if I’m overwatering?

If you never allow the top of the soil to dry and the plants don’t seem to show good growth you may be over watering. Another indication of over watering is that the pot is prematurely weakening and decomposing.

 Are these pots susceptible to mold?

Our process does not include mold retardants however the pots are basically free of spores at the end of the manufacturing process. However spores picked up in handling and in the greenhouses are natural and generally harmless and do not inhibit plant growth. Over watering makes it more difficult to control mold growth. Improper storage of CowPots can results in excessive exposure to mold spores.


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